If you want to give a great party for your best friends and have never thought about a Toronto party bus you are in for a real treat. You can book the bus for just about any and all occasions. Whether it is for your birthday or someone else’s, a bachelor or bachelorette party, having a grand time before and after a ballgame, proms or just bar-hopping, you can’t get a better start on your fun activities.

You are probably wondering if a Toronto party bus looks like rapid transit. Not at all! You can get bench seating for up to 30 people complete with a 2000+ watt stereo system, huge flat screen TV, tinted privacy windows, heat and air conditioning, a professional chauffeur and set-ups for a bar that include ice, large-capacity cooler, cups, napkins and more! Some buses also have dance polls and a touch screen CD/DVD player.

A Toronto party bus is also available for corporate events and you control amenities like no smoking. There are more intimate buses that accommodate 14-16 passengers and the interior of the bus is like a fine limousine.

What if a group of 12 or more of your friends want to go bar-hopping on Friday night after work? You have to worry about where everyone will meet, whether or not you want designated drivers, how you will manage traffic as well as parking at each stop, and other details you will not think about until the time comes. When you rent a Toronto party bus all the worry and stress is taken off your shoulders so you can enjoy yourself like everyone else.

You would be surprised at how affordable the service is. Add up all your gas and parking fees and whatever tickets you may receive from the police. It is impossible to pay attention to your driving when you are trying to be a participant in a rowdy conversation. You do not have to rent the bus for an entire day or night. There are packages where you can rent a Toronto party bus for as little as four hours depending on the day or evening of the week.

The service is discreet which is enhanced by the tinted windows. Even in the daylight drivers-by will have no idea what kind of party is being held inside. Bachelorettes may have a sexy lingerie shower where all the girls giggle and scream with delight as each present is unwrapped. Guys can have a great bachelor party thanks to the pole for dancing and the CD/DVD player. They can get as obnoxious as they like and the people on the street will not notice. However, Toronto party buses do require that you respect their property.

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