Reserve a luxury limousine from TLS LIMO WORLDWIDE. Indulge yourselves in high class of comfort and luxury, pop open a complimentary bottle of champagne, dim the mood lights and enjoy your ride in style and lavishness. Our professional chauffeurs will pamper and serve you to your most distinguished taste. For a unique experience that you will cherish forever reserve a TLS LIMO for your Wedding Day. Relax and enjoy what will surely be one of your most important and romantic experiences. Let us help you create happy memories that will last a lifetime.


TLS LIMO WORLDWIDE strives to satisfy their customers in any way we can, and for that purpose. By getting the very best and the latest cars available, TLS LIMO WORLDWIDE offers a major attraction to our customers. After all, who wouldn’t like to roam about in a Mercedes Benz S- Class limousine or a Bentley Muslanne or Rolls Royce Phantom? For those who would want to, the prices aren’t expensive at all for a few hours.


Toronto is one of the largest cities in the world.  There is a litany of services that are available throughout Toronto. We have a Limousine service Toronto can be proud of. Whichever service sectors you look in to, there are bound to be competitors present, ultimately bodes well for the consumer. One of the blooming industries in Toronto is that of the car and limousine rental one. The limousine service Toronto houses is turning into an industry that has expanded by leaps and bounds, and is now regarded as one of the most often used services in the city. Most importantly, the limousine service Toronto has developed according to the needs of the people themselves, which provide further positives.

Value Added Services

Companies often provide a chaperon along with the car, as well as a host of other value added services on the inside of the car that are designed to make your experience much better. From drinks to food itself, you can get a host of value added services with a Toronto limousine rental.


Booking a limo can be very stressful. You may ask will the limo show up, will it be on time or will I get the exact limo I booked?

That’s why booking a solid company a leader in the limousine industry and being the best limo service in the Toronto and surrounding area we make sure that you receive all that you pay for.


The Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine

The Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo can seat 12 – 14 people comfortably. This limousine is rented usually for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties,proms and small business parties. But the limousine is not limited only to that. The Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousine is the big brother of the Lincoln Town car. It almost feels like a party bus because of its elevation above the ground. Riders of the limousine feel more comfortable with the height. The limousine has a larger engine driving you for a quick but safe arrival. The Limousine comes with a mini bar. Champagneisprovided for the limousine easing the environment and we also stock cold spring water for the guest who want a non-alcoholic drink.

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